State Medical Faculty of West Bengal

For the academic year of 2019, the State Medical Faculty of West Bengal will conduct the Entrance Examination for admission to Para Medical Courses in different Medical Colleges/Govt. Institutions, Non-Govt. Affiliated Institutions.

Schedule of SMF- 2019

Date of  3rd Round Allotment ( After  5.00 p.m.) 16.08.19
Date of  Online Payment of Seat Allotment-cum  Admission Fees  after 3rd Round Counselling 17.08.19-18.08.19
Auto Upgrade Seat Allotment for 3rd Round Counselling ( After 2.00 p.m. ) 19.08.19
Start of Fresh Online Counselling Registration  for 4th Round Counselling  ( From  02.00 p.m. onwards).All candidates who have not received allotment are invited to fill fresh set of choices for the available seats as per the current available seat matrix only . Candidates who have paid counselling fees earlier are not required to pay any fees again.Previously filled choices will not be considered in the 4th round and only fresh choices will be taken into account. ( MUST CHECK AVAILABLE SEAT MATRIX) 19.08.19-20.08.19          ( Upto 8.00 p.m.)
Date of  4th and Final Round Counselling Allotment ( After  2.00 p.m.) 21.08.19
Date of  Online Payment of Seat Allotment-cum  Admission Fees  after 4th Round Counselling 21.08.19-22.08.19

Note : All application have to be made online only. Fees to be paid only through online payment gateway.

Steps for Registration for Online Counselling :

  1. Please Click on Applicant Login to Register your choices.
  2. Click on Pay  Fees button to complete your online counselling fee payment, which is compulsory for all candidates.
  3. Candidates who fail to pay online counselling registration fees of Rs.100/- will not be considered for counselling.
  4. Select  and save your choices carefully.
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  • Fourth round seat allotment available
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